Friday, April 2, 2010

Jelly is better now

Yesterday, Jelly was on the brink for the whole day, right up to past midnight.  I followed the vet's instructions to the letter and fed her AD regularly.  But she was still very weak.  The only good sign was her appetite.  She was eating off the palm of my hand and I did not need to force-feed her.

The whole gang had a treat last night, because I ended up camping in their room again.  So, with the mattress on the floor, the whole room became a playground for them.  Teddybear and Xiao Li created new games for everyone.  Well, everyone, except Bobby, who needed his sleep, of course.

While Peanut happily played with Teddy and Xiao Li, Butter stayed by Jelly's side all night. 

I too was up all night looking after Jelly, and only managed to catch a short nap at around 4am. 

By 5.30am, I was pleasanty awakened by a little furball on the cushion.  It was Jelly!  After having been immobile for the whole day, she finally found the strength to walk out of the cage and came up onto the cushion.

Alas!  A good sign!  Jelly looked much better too.

I knew the worst was over (or rather, I hoped).  Jelly did not have that "sick look" anymore.  

I fed them all one round before going off to work.  Jelly ate her share all by herself. 

Here's little Jelly this afternoon, playing in the basket. 

The juniors' game.

Butter seemed a little down this afternoon.  I think it is the effect of the dewormer.  Teddybear is looking after the two of them.

It's been a very, very long two days for me.  But I'm glad Jelly pulled through. 

Worms are so deadly to tiny and young animals.  


Miss FW said...

i always saw bobby sleeping in the pic. is he ok? :|

chankahyein said...

Bobby is an old grand-uncle, so like most old grand-uncles, he sleeps most of the time. He is also partially blind.