Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jelly gave me a fright this morning

As you know, Jelly had been limping, and I had already brought her to the vet, and it was discovered that her paw pads were sore.  Ever since then, her appetite had not been good, but she was still eating, though small amounts. 

Last night, she perked up and I was really happy.  She was eating and playing again. 

However, this morning, when I came downstairs, I had a shock of my life to see her lying lifeless.  I picked her up, and quickly fed her glucose water and held her close to keep her warm.  After about half an hour, she looked a little more revived.  I then opened a can of AD, and quicky fed her small amounts.  To my relief, she ate quite a lot. 

Although she was eating, I knew something was not quite right, so off we went to the vet today.  Upon examination of her faeces, Jelly actually has a major infestation of hookworms.  I know how dangerous hookworms can be.  It latches onto the intestines and absorbs all the nutrients.  This explains why Jelly is still so small compared to Peanut and Butter.

Jelly has now been dewormed, and is given an antibiotic.  I need to feed her round the clock for a few days now. 

All three of them were dewormed just 3 weeks ago.  But I guess they had acquired the worms from their mother, and the eggs would still hatch. 

Peanut and Butter have also been dewormed today. 

Jelly is still very weak.  I hope she will pull through. 

Please send her healing energy. 

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