Tuesday, April 6, 2010

At LONG last!!

I don't know what worked, but something worked....

Here's Butter, after this morning's breakfast.....

Caught in action!  I have been praying and longing to see this for the last 5 days.  Firm stools...finally! 

Last night, he had two meals with pumpkin, and this morning's breakfast, I gave him one teaspoon of pumpkin with half a capsule of probiotics. 

It must be a combination of everything and also time. 

But this is really, really a great improvement.  I checked (including all the hidden places), and there has been no diarrhoea for the last 7 hours. 

But he was clearly disatisfied with this morning's breakfast - it wasn't enough!  I'll increase it little by little. 

Here are the after-breakfast photos:

Want to play, Bobby?


Anonymous said...

I always wait for your blog to load with baited breath! My heart at a standstill wanting for the page to open. I can exhale now from relief that Butter is recovering.

Anonymous said...

Its so heart warming to see photos of an active and playful Butter.

Well done, Dr Chan. You must be extremely relieved and very tired too for the many sleepless nights.

May you be blessed in abundance for your kindness and compassion.