Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Passed the 7th day mark...

I have been waiting and waiting for this day...Peanut and Butter have been clear of diarrhoea for 7 days now.  I hope this means they have finally (!) recovered.  It has been an uphill "battle" for me, managing their persistent diarrhoea.  I stopped the antibiotics after 6 days. 

Now, the next battle is their fungus.  I was told that the antibiotics would have lowered their immunity, thus aggravating the fungus.  And I have been advised not to start them on any medication for the fungus at this point because they have just recovered from the diarrhoea and they are still very young. 

They are only on Vetri DMG and I am still applying the Apple Cider Vinegar dabs.  Peanut seems to be responding to the ACV but not Butter. 

Here are the two bouncing pixies, playing in the basket:

The vet has advised me to ignore the fungus for now and just concentrate on getting them back to good health.  Both of them are eating well and very playful.


Joe said...

Congratulation to you....hope to see both of them in good health.

Huey said...

Definitely good news! :)