Sunday, April 25, 2010

A new kid on the block?

Early this morning, as I was feeding my brood in the kitchen, I heard a distinctive mewing just outside my back gate.  When I looked out, it was a little black kitten, about 3-4 months old, standing right outside my back gate and mewing his heart out. 

Wii was standing nearby, and it looked as though Wii had brought the kitten to our house. 

So, I quickly took a bowl of kibbles and opened the gate.  The little one ran off to hide in the plants by the drain, but when I got closer, he (assuming it's male) peeped out. 

I poured some kibbles by the drain, but he did not want any.  Then, I put the bowl down, and he started eating.

That's the little black kitten.  My first thought this morning was that he looked exactly like Beauty, the kitten at the vet's. 

After eating, he started walking away, so I was hoping he has a home somewhere, and Wii had just invited him to come over for a meal.

That was at 7am this morning.

It is now 11am, and the little kitten came over and mewed again.

That's him with Wii.  I gave him a bowl of food, and he ate again. 

Licking his lips after the snack.

He seemed quite confident and is not afraid of people. 

Wii and he are definitely friends.

As in the morning, after eating and socialising for awhile, he walked back in the same direction. 

Looks like we may have a new kid on the block? 


Anonymous said...

Wii is such a sweet hearted cat! The black cat is beautiful too. Love that tail.

ManekiNeko said...

It's nice that timid, bullied Wii has found himself a pal! Maybe he'll feel more confident with a sidekick. :-)

Yen Ling said...

Nice bushy black tail!