Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Peanut-Butter updates

Thanks, everyone, for all your sharing.  I managed to settle my own diarrhoea with steamed pumpkin and a good night's uninterrupted sleep.

Peanut skipped his mid-morning meal today, but ate his lunch just now.  It's been almost 1 1/2 hours now, and there is no pasty stools, so let's hope he is recovering.

Butter is the active one now.

I want to play, I want to play!  But Peanut prefers to rest.

Peanut goes up to his favourite plastic box to sleep.

Here's the two of them, ten minutes ago.

Both asleep now.

The bodyguard is also asleep.


Anonymous said...

Bobby is such an adowable Unca, KY! Hang on in there, little Peanut, fight the good fight, you got a lotta living and growing up to do, cayang ... and you too, little Butter cayang!

Take care, dear KY, get well ... may God bless and keep you and your dear family! :-)

sI tEDI said...

pandai betul mereka bergambar. Mata tepat pandang kamera :)