Monday, April 12, 2010

One thing after another

Peanut-Butter seems to be afflicted with one thing after another.  Apart from the stubborn diarrhoea, I noticed that Peanut's urine seemed to be decreasing.  Since this morning, he strained twice, and the urine was blood-stained too.  I suspected FLUTD, so I rushed them both to the vet's in between work.  I really prayed it wouldn't be FLUTD. 

It turned out that my worst fears were realised.  It IS FLUTD, but there is no blockage yet, so the vet said it isn't critical.  But here's the confusion : According to this vet, the diarrhoea is more urgent and has to be treated first.  And he says it isn't caused by the isospora felis.  That is just a secondary ailment.  There is a primary source of the diarrhoea which we cannot accurately diagnose for now.  Whatever it is, the diarrhoea has to be treated via diet control.  Both of them have to be on intestinal food and an antibiotic called Beaglobe (I think it's a brandname). 

The dilemma is that the treatment for FLUTD causes diarrhoea, so that cannot be administered yet since Peanut HAS diarrhoea now.  However, the antibiotic Beaglobe can also address the urinary problem to a certain degree.

My task for the next few days is to make them eat the intestinal food (which isn't very palatable), and hope the diarrhoea will be arrested. 

I tried all means just now to make them eat, but they wouldn't eat.  Finally, I soaked the food in water, and managed to coax them into eating it.  Round One....

There'll be many more rounds to go.  The vet says he wants to see one full week of well-formed stools before declaring that the diarrhoea problem has been settled. 

Peanut is still passing out blood-stained urine now.  There has been no diarrhoea for many hours since this morning.  But the antibiotic is awfully bitter and it is a great challenge getting them to take it.  They both salivate like crazy after that. 

Poor them...

Poor me...

When things go wrong with kittens, it can be such a nightmare.  Many drugs cannot be given because they are too young and the drugs are toxic. 

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