Saturday, April 17, 2010

On the homefront

It's been about 4 days since the last bout of diarrhoea from Peanut and Butter.  I hope it won't recur.  They are currently still on steamed chicken and RC Babycat kibbles.  I'm still giving the medication Beaglobe (which contains Tryzine), and it is still a battle when it comes to medicine time.

I think Peanut is responding to the ACV treatment for his fungal spots, but not Butter.  They are both on Vetri DMG to boost their immune system.  I was really hoping I would not have to resort to medication for their fungus, but I'll see how things go by next week and seek the advice of the vet since they are growing and eating well now.

It's been a great challenge looking after Peanut and Butter.  I have never encountered any kitten with these many problems before, but I guess the more you deal with, the more problems you'll experience. 

I need a good break after this...but only after they both recover from the fungus. 

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