Friday, April 9, 2010

A possible solution to Wii's problem

Wii has been terrorised by my two alphas, Cow & Bunny, for months, and he seemed to have found his own territory, ie. the backyard and the back alley of my house.  All was quite well until he grew increasingly scared of eating, even when he was alone in the backyard.  Very often, even with the windows closed, Cow & Bunny would sneaked up and stare at him from inside the house.  Wii was terrified of that as well.

An old photo - this was how Bunny would stare at Wii from a closed window.

Things came to a head recently when Wii was so terrified that he practically stopped eating altogether, whether Cow & Bunny were at the window or not. 

I didn't know what to do anymore.  Having to look after Peanut and Butter, I was on the verge of giving up with him.  He would mew in the backyard, but when I brought food out, he would stare at the food, then stare at the window back and forth, and finally simply refused to eat.  I would have to stand next to him, coax him, and once in a while, he might nibble on the kibbles, but lately, he would just walk away.  My only consolation was that he still looks very well-fed, so I think he has been getting food from a neighbour.   

Today, I decided to try something drastic, so I brought Wii inside the house, right into the kitchen. 

And what do you know?  It seems to be working....

Wii is eating....

Here's Wii eating in the kitchen.  But look at those eyes...he is still on the alert for possible Cow-Bunny territorial attacks. 

Tiger is always nearby to accompany him.

Terrorist No.1 is very near, but Wii didn't seem to be afraid.

Terrorist No.2 is also very near, but sleeping.

Right below, two little pixies are playing, oblivious to the happenings "above".

Ahh...the joys and innocence of childhood!

It's always an advantage being young and innocent.  You don't understand politics, so you're not bothered by it.  You are master of all you survey.  Play on, little on joyfully before you grow up...

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Anonymous said...

Tiger and Wii are so beautiful. I'm so glad you've found a solution to Wii's eating phobia. Tiger is a lovely fella for standing up for Wii.