Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The wonders of Doxy and a good vet!

As you know, Xiao Li and Bandit came down with "something" after their deworming, and had stopped eating for 3 days.  It got me really worried. 

But the vet suspected it was a blood parasite which was probably festering in their bodies, and it took a lowering of their immune system (due to deworming OR the trip to the vet's, OR the car ride, OR the presence of the PBJ gang, etc.) for it to surface.  Kittens and cats are VERY sensitive to any change in their environment, and it causes them great stress. 

Xiao Li had a fever, but Bandit was ok.  However, both had lost their appetites completely and that was very worrying.

But the vet said if it is a blood parasite, which he strongly suspected, Doxy would take care of it in 2-3 days.

Well, it took less than that.  With just one dose, the two were up and about yesterday morning. 

Here they are this morning, creating havoc in the room.

The mastermind behind all the games...

Teddybear joins in the fun.


Xiao Li

She looks a trifle bit thin, but the vet says that's how active kittens should be.  He assured me she's "just perfect".  But she has lost 0.1kg since getting sick.  She is eating well now.  I had to take the can of AD away from her this morning! 


He has gained considerable weight, and his coat is improving, which indicates he is getting more healthy.  Give him another month or so, I'm sure he'll shine like Bandit.  He was really in bad shape when we got him back two weeks ago.    

All three are up for adoption.  If you are interested, please contact me by sms at 012-6935870. 


Anonymous said...

LOL! Now they're well again, a new type of stress! They are real charmers.

Anonymous said...

Teddybear looks so much better now, thanks to your TLC.