Monday, March 29, 2010

The PBJs

I've been trying to teach the PBJs how to eat on their own, but I guess these things can't be rushed.  Yesterday, the slowest to learn everything, Butter, decided he would be the first to eat dry food on his own...


Next was Peanut, but she will only do it when an "elder" does it.  She likes to imitate what the elders do.

Jelly is still the baby and refuses the eat on her own.

I still hand-feed the whole gang, but Peanut and Butter are beginning to explore the possibility of eating on their own...slowly, in their own time.

I was down and out with a bad flu since Saturday, and it's been a great challenge looking after these three, along with Xiao Li and Teddybear. 

This morning, Jelly gave me a fright as she starting limping.  She could not put down her left leg.  I took the whole gang to the vet this afternoon and upon checking, Jelly's paw pads appeared to be sore, especilly the left one.  The vet applied some cream and bandaged it. 

I've removed the bandage now, and she seems a little better, but being "sick", she hasn't been eating much.  I guess the excitement at the vet's has tired her out.


Anonymous said...

At their age PBJ gang needs to start with the tiny RC Babycat 34 (1-4 month old kittens).

chankahyein said...

Thank you. I know. But they don't want theirs. They want to eat what the "elders" eat.

Anonymous said...

Yes, cats are always curious over the sound of eating and munching ... when I eat mango or rambutan, they come near, lick their lips and come close to smell my mouth and try to lick my lips.

Then they express surprise that there isn't any "edible" smell because I was not eating any cat-food! You can actually see the confused look on their face! LOL!