Saturday, March 20, 2010

The little milestones of Bandit

I've been on sms with Wani, and am glad that Bandit is finally settling down.  Wani has been very kind to bring Bandit's cage into her room so that it's away from the noise of the TV. 

From not eating, Bandit starting sipping some water, and is now eating a bit of his food.  Also, when we were there today, he was so scared that he was crouching when he walked, but now, he is walking normally already. 

Ahh...these are little milestones.  And I'm glad Bandit is settling in. 

Bandit is a very shy and timid cat, and is very well-behaved.  He would need time to adjust and be confident again.  When I brought Teddybear home, it took him a week before he started playing with Teddybear.  It would probably take a week or more now for him to adjust since it's a totally new environment for him.  But Joned (Wani's cat) is friendly.  So, that's a great help. 

I'm really thankful to Wani for being so loving and caring towards Bandit.  Wani is heaven-sent.  She said Bandit was panting heavily after I left today, but she held him close and he settled down. 

The vet had told me that some animals react very sensitively to any change in their environment.  It's the animal's personality.  Some get very stressed.   

When I brought the PBJ gang back, both Bandit and Xiao Li reacted by migrating out to the backyard.  Teddybear was ok.  So, it's all about individual personality. 

Over on the homefront, Teddybear and Xiao Li clearly miss Bandit.  Teddy was sitting on top of their play-boxes looking very forlorn, while Xiao Li kept mewing at me, as though asking me something.  My heart went out to them.  They too refused to eat their kibbles. 

So i bribed them with raw chicken (which is usually only for breakfast).  They both ate it all up. 

Now, they are playing again.  I'm glad. 

At least Teddybear still has his mission - to look after the PBJs.

I don't know how Teddybear will take it when the PBJs go back to the vet's for adoption.  

One step at a time, I suppose.  I am still trying to find adopters for Xiao Li and Teddybear. 

I can handle the many sufferings that come my way, especially when it concerns humans, but when it comes to animals, I'm a clear-cut "gone case".  The "mistake", my vet keeps telling me is that I anthromorphise (did I get the spelling right?) the animals.  He says I should not.  

Maybe he's right, but I can't help it...  


ManekiNeko said...

I've been following your saga with these kittens, and I must say, dear little bob-tailed Bandit just stole my heart. Of course you're tearful to let him go, and I'm sure it's difficult to see him stressed,but he's still a babe -- he's got a whole lifetime in front of him to soak up Wani's love.

It's also been wonderful watching Teddy Bear come back from the brink. (Although horrible to see him ON the brink...) Your photos of him with the littlest kittens are so great -- I'm surprised that a male kitten has such strong nurturing tendencies.

Many, many blessings to you!

chankahyein said...

Dear Maneki, thank you for sharing my joys and tears. Bandit is one of the most well-behaved and the sweetest kitten I've ever, ever fostered. In fact, Xiao Li, Bandit and Teddybear are really incredibly well-behaved compared to my brood. I know Bandit's in good hands and I couldn't have asked for a better adopter than Wani.

But if you've been following the news of these kittens, you might understand I've become a little (or a lot!) paranoid after that terribly unfortunate incident with Bobtail and Teddybear.

It's funny but in my household, it's the males who have the nurturing tendencies. Cow nursed Bunny, Pole and Tiger. Indy nursed many little kittens that I had brought back to foster. And now, it's Bandit and Teddybear nursing the PBJs and not Xiao Li! My husband was saying just now, that in lions, it's the males who look after the kids, and the females go out hunting. I guess that's true?