Monday, March 8, 2010

Poo for two, one more to go...

I want to thank my friend, Chen, for giving me this tip on kitten poo-ing late last night:

After each meal: "Carry the kitten to the litter box. Dip a small piece of washcloth into a cup of hot water, wring it out, and wrap it around your finger so it will feel as much as possible like a warm, rough cat's tongue. Then, with the kitten standing in the litter, place the finger between the kitten's hind legs so that the tip of your finger rests against the stomach. Stroke the warm, cloth-covered finger backward against the kitten's tummy and up across the genitals and anus once or twice. Dip the washcloth in the hot water again and repeat, or go on to the next kitten. When a kittens begins to squat and pass wastes, gently stroke its head as a sign of encouragement and approval."

So, it isn't just about massage or stimulating, it's about technique.  I tried it last night, but there was nothing still.  But I was hopeful something would happen this morning. 

This morning, at 6am, I was awaken by VERY loud mewing.  By the way, I had moved them out into the kitchen last night because Xiao Li and Bandit were still sulking and had refused to come into the room.  So, the kittens had to be moved out. 

It's a big territorial problem that I'm dealing with.  I think it's less pronounced in dogs?

Anyway, I rushed downstairs quickly, thinking something had happened.  The kittens were fine (they were in the carrier), but were screaming to get out.  And they were hungry. 

But there was still no poo.  Sigh....

I fed them each one round, and starting stimulating their privates. 

Then, the miracle happened...

Butter made a squeak, and I noticed some yellowish stains on the cotton wool. 

Pray, KY, pray....

Yes, it was poo alright.  Healthy-looking golden light brown poo.  Glorious, magnicient and simply too beautiful to describe! 

Next was Peanut.  The same thing happened.  Glorious poo, too.

Then it was Jelly's turn, but it did not work with her.  But I remember yesterday, at the clinic, there was hardly any trace of poo on the thermometer for her.  And her tummy isn't as bloated as the rest, so I guess I would have to be patient with her. 

And, pray some more...

Here they are, after two rounds of feeding:

Jelly always wanders off alone.  She's the smallest. 

Meanwhile, the "green revolution" is still on.  Bandit is still on a hunger strike, but at least I can force-feed him.  With Xiao Li, it is impossible.  Last night, I gave her all kinds of food just to get her to eat.  She nibbled on adult kibbles, then some fish.  This morning, I noticed watery stools in the litter box again.  I hope it's nothing serious, but I'm definitely taking her to the vet today, after work.

Putting the kittens in the kitchen created another problem for me.  The adult cats did not like the presence of the newborns!  Only Cow and Bunny came back for food this morning. 

I'm dealing with major feline politics here.  And believe me, it can take a toll on you...

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Anonymous said...

How long has Xiao Li been with you? If it is 2 weeks, the watery poo could be due to the deworming medication or she could be succumbing to some infection caught 2 weeks ago and incubating in her body since then.

Does she have a fever or other signs. I for one am always in fear of panleukopenia. The young kittens lose appetite, have watery stools and die in the wink of an eye.

Watch her closely, KY .... stand by to get her on the drip if needed because she will be getting dehydrated very quickly with her watery poo since she is refusing to eat/drink.