Monday, March 22, 2010

Bandit and Joned's updates

For the past two days, I have been waking up every morning and the first thing I do is to think of Bandit and visualise him being very happy and adjusting well in Wani's house.  And I silently tell him that he is very much loved and thought about, and that I will always wish him well. 

I miss Bandit terribly, but I'm happy that he is adjusting well in Wani's house and Wani really takes very good care of him. 

Getting updates from Wani is truly heaven-sent. 

Here's today's:

Guess what? Bandit is letting Joned closer to him!  But he will still hiss if Joned is a bit too rough which he usually is. Joned is the one who doesn't eat much now because he's more interested in Bandit so now I have too keep Bandit out of sight and let Joned eat first!  I think they'll be able to play rougher games by end of this week.

I'm torn between buying the big cage and this playpen for the kittens.  It's actually those scratching posts with boxes and platforms and hammocks for kitties to play and sleep in.

I got some pics for you.  I'm home from work already since i only work part time but fortunately my housemate is taking the day off so she can look after them when I'm going to class later.  Hopefully tonight I can catch them playing more games together! I think Bandit is just still shy because last night when Joned was tired of getting Bandit to play with him he played by himself and I saw Bandit just watching joned playing the ball.  He really looked like he wanted to join in but I guess he's still too scared.
I hope Bandit will gain more confidence soon.  He is actually very lucky that Joned is such a sweet cat and is willing to share his house with Bandit. 
I'm really close to tears knowing how lucky I am in having found a good home for Bandit.
Here are the pictures:

"Makan time"


That's MY litterbox.  You can't catch me when I'm in it!

Wani also says Bandit pee-ed on her bed today!  And he now sleeps in a sprawling position, so this indicates he is much more relaxed. 



Anonymous said...

KY, Bandit looks like he will be fine and has a very loving new Mama in Wani and a new sibling who adores him. His interest in Joned playing with the ball is a good sign, the eagerness in play is always a good draw to forming good bonds between kittens.

Best wishes to Wani, Joned and Bandit, wish you all much joy in each other and this will definitely give KY much comfort in her kind heart.

Meanwhile, Xiao Li especially will miss Bandit very much, especially in her quiet moments, as already evident in her quiet meowings.

I remember the time when I relocated 2 cage-full of kittens and the remaining young cat always went to the corner where the cages had been and quietly meowed for a long, long time, missing all of them. He had made the soft meows of a mother cat missing her kittens. My heart really went out to him.

Yes, animals cannot speak, but they too have feelings of love and companionship.

Anonymous said...

KY, I am sure your heart softly meowed for Bandit too ....