Monday, March 22, 2010

Bandit's updates

Rehoming an animal after being fostered for some time is a great challenge.  We wish we could adopt all of them, yet our resources and space are limited, so the next best option is to find them a good and loving home. 

So, we advertise and pray very hard that a good and loving person will come along and give our fostered animals a home. 

For Bandit, Wani came along and she is indeed heaven-sent. 

Here's Wani's updates on Bandit:

I understand your concern.  Bandit has started to eat his dry food so I'm relieved. And yes he eats alot! He doesn't need the towel over the cage anymore and is more brave to walk around the living room without having me to call him out.  He's also starting too play and scratch my couch but haven't started playing with Joned.  He still hisses but will let Joned stay inside the cage with him as long as Joned stays still and keeps his distance.  I think thats a good start.  I'm glad you brought his litter box I think it gives him comfort.  When he's walking around the living room and Joned gets a bit too close he will run straight to the litter box and hide.  So i had to stand by a few newspaper just incase he poops in his box and has nowhere else to hide.  I think I'll get him one of the paper boxes like yours tomorrow for him.

Bandit has also become manja with my housemate but everyone is so afraid to pick him up because he's so small and delicate.He really likes asking for tummy rubs.

He's sleeping now and Joned is sleeping right infront of the cage watching him.  Bandit doesn't mind now so I hope in a few days they'll be friends.
Thank you very much, Wani.  I'm so grateful Bandit is under your loving care now.  The next milestone would be making friends with dear little Joned.  Joned is such a sweet kitten.  Maybe the box would prompt Bandit to play.  And they can create their own games and have a ball.  
It took Bandit a week before he warmed up to his own brother, Teddybear, when I first brought Teddy back from the hospital.  And that's on his homeground where he was "boss". 


Anonymous said...

Its very encouraging news that Bandit is settling down in his new home.

You ought to relax too, Dr Chan. I am sure Bandit will be playing with Juned very soon.

ManekiNeko said...

I think Wani's idea to get Bandit a cardboard box for a hiding place is a good one. Maneki has her favorite kitchen cupboard where she hides from terrors like fireworks and unexpected visitors. (she's very timid.) I've noticed that she's much more confident when the cupboard door is open, because she knows she can always retreat there if necessary. She gets very nervous & agitated if I forget and close the door. The box could be Bandit's safety zone & knowing it's there would probably make him much braver. :-)