Monday, March 8, 2010

The PBJ gang goes to the vet

I brought the PBJ gang to the vet this afternoon.  Only Jelly had not defecated, so the vet put the thermometer into her anus, and there was golden-coloured poo.

He said he would not be able to express the faeces out since she isn't constipated at all.  The poo was soft and nice. 

I would just have to wait and be patient. 

This evening, when I brought Xiao Li and Bandit to another vet, I mentioned this poo problem to him and he said I could try dipping a cotton bud into Lactulose and inserting it into Jelly's anus to lubricate her colon.

I came home and tried that.

Here's the result....

Celebrate, folks!!  And rejoice!

That's authentic Jelly-Poo for you!

The vet also said I should not dilute the milk consistency.  But the earlier vet said I should.  What should I do now?  Take the middle path, I suppose?

I came home and set up the cage for them since they have been making a lot of noise inside the carrier.  The cage would give them more space to move about too.

But they did not like the cage and complained till no end.

Here they are, sleeping outside the cage.

Very mischievous indeed....but that's a good sign!

I hope they poo tomorrow.

I discussed with the vet about this poo issue and I said I have never encountered such a problem in newborns before.  And also, why does it happen to all three of them? 

The vet only had this to say - we'll never know.  But he assured me I'm doing everything possible to help them already. 

Leave it to the universe, I suppose...

Poo, PBJ, please poo...

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