Sunday, March 21, 2010

More milestones for Bandit

It's almost midnight now, and I've been waiting for this news - Bandit has regained his appetite and has eaten his dry food.  He has also pee-ed (hooray!) and poo-ed in his cage.  Wani will still let him have the bedroom as he feels safer in there. 

Last night, Wani kept Bandit in the bedroom so that she could monitor him and poor little Joned had to sleep outside. 

The next step now is to make friends with Joned. 

Joned is really such a lovely little kitten (he's six months old). 

I hope Bandit and Joned will become friends soon.  It took Bandit one week before he socialised with Teddybear, and that was on his own homeground too.  Guess Bandit needs time. 

At least Bandit has pee-ed and I am so, so relieved.

I can go to bed now. 

Gosh, this is such difficult work!  It's easier to rehome a human child! 

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