Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What a lovely morning!

I was very pleasantly surprised and happy this morning when I got downstairs and opened the door of the Kitty Nursery (which is, incidentally, my work-room). 

Out pranced Xiao Li and Teddybear, like two little pixies frolicking in the meadows! 

Xiao Li has perked up, and this is just after 1 dose of Doxycycline last night.  Bandit, however, was still inside his litter box, but he also looks much better today. 

All three ate their kibbles this morning, so that's already a tremendous improvement.  Xiao Li and Bandit had actually stopped eating for three days right after the deworming.   

Not taking any chances, I still force-fed a bit of AD to Bandit.  He took it all nicely. 

Xiao Li went for the whole can after that.  From spitting out AD in last few days, this is an occasion for celebration!

Then, it was medicine time - the Doxy.  Thank goodness it's a quarter tablet and NOT liquid.  And now, I'd have to continue this medicine for at least 2 weeks.  Well, never mind, as long as they are both fit and healthy. 

Last night, I was really dead tired, and needed to unwind.  So I did kitchen-cleaning therapy.  I have found that it can be quite therapeutic just...cleaning. 

Bandit came to help.  It shows his curiosity has returned and that was an encouraging sign. 

Someone else also came to help...it's Peanut!  The female-alpha of the PBJ gang. 

It's quite amazing how fast kittens grow, isn't it?  Just four days ago, she was just a ball of fur.  Look at her now...

And how's the poo story today....please read on....

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