Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bandit, the "bandit"!

Here's happy updates from Wani:

Bandit today was a real bandit.  i came home from work and wanted to give them raw chicken that you provided so i put them in 2 seperate bowls, one for Bandit one for Joned.  I turned around to call for Joned to come eat his chicken but when I turned back at the bowls, both were empty!
He's getting along better with Joned but still haven't gotten the courage to pounce back at him. Bandit will paw at Joned if he is in the cage or if he is outside and Joned is inside the cage.  I don't know how to tell Joned to be more gentle, if only they understood us!

When you said rough horsing games is it like one cat on top of the other?  that's basically what they do now.  Joned will pounce on Bandit but Bandit is learning to paw him off.  There is still the occasional hissing when Joned is too rough.  But Joned is learning to be gentler.  So far I think the bravest he's done is playing and biting Joned's tail.  Of course he got pounced on for that..

They're playing hide and seek now.  Bandit will hide and joned will look for him.  When Joned finds Bandit, Bandit will run 2 the next hiding place.  Sometimes he will paw Joned first! but if joned bullies him too much he will run into the cage or into my lap as he knows I will save him from Joned.

I will upload some pics tomorrow i have some new ones but the camera wire is suddenly missing. I can think of 2 suspects. :)
It is indeed so heart-warming to hear happy news about Bandit.  I am so thankful and comforted knowing Bandit has adjusted well in Wani's house.  I thought it might take Bandit a week to socialise, but it's only been four days, and he is already playing confidently. 
What a wonderful way to start the morning!

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