Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Teddybear wants to play!

Teddybear is improving day by day.  He has a very hearty appetite now, and his stools are normal again.  One can of ID isn't enough for him for one day, so he's going for Xiao Li and Bandit's Royal Canin Kitten.

Lots to catch up with, Teddybear.

Bandit is not antagonistic anymore now.  And Teddybear wants very much to play with him. 

Here are some photos:

Bandit sharing his food with Teddybear.

Eating his own ID.  He only eats straight from the can. 

The two brothers.

Xiao Li, always watching out for Teddybear.

He's always moving, so it's hard to take a clear photo without the flash.

He's filling up now.  No more skin and bones.

Playing with Bandit.

I want to play, Brother...

Sister is always there for him.

All of them wants the ID.

The first three nights were crucial.  Teddybear had to be fed round the clock.  But he was so smart, he mewed to wake me up.  The critical stage is over now.  And I can sleep through the night again.

It's very rewarding when we succeed in saving a life, but sometimes we can't, even when we have tried our very best.  Then, we just have to let it go, and take comfort in knowing that we have done our very, very best.  

Life is all about intention, effort, perseverance, faith, hope (in that order)...and of course, destiny.  But intention and effort come first.  Not destiny.         


Straydog said...

Hmmmnn... we also have to fatten up Auntie Kah Yein too... all these endless days of looking after us animals have made her tired and thin...
I think Auntie Kah Yein looks a bit skinny...
Look after yourself too Auntie Kah Yein... and our eternal gratefulness for caring about us stray and rescued four-legged creatures.

Yen Ling said...

Looks like is your turn for a 'hot water bottle' =) Syabas and another job well done!

p.s. good on you too Bandit.