Monday, March 29, 2010

Visiting Bandit

On Saturday, I went to collect the cage from Wani since Bandit doesn't need it anymore.  Bandit has a new "security hide-out" now - inside Wani's sofa.

Hi, Bandit! 

Bandit is very at home with Joned.  This is their hide-out.

According to Wani, Joned seems very happy to have a new brother and playmate.  In fact, Joned looks after Bandit very well.  He is always watching out for Bandit.  What a good "big brother"!

Bandit's appetite is also very good.  And the two of them share the litter box and food bowls. 

Have fun, Bandit and Joned! 

And be happy! 


Anonymous said...

KY, looks like Bandit also takes turn to look after Joned ... see, in the second pic, Joned is displaying one flatish "aeroplane ear" - sign of fear/apprehension with a more confident Bandit sitting in front of him ... why, you guys intruded and peeked into their "hideout" to take pics, ahhh??

Anonymous said...

Sweet - they rely on each other. Relieved that Bandit has settled in and that he has made friends with Joned. Joned is a good hearted cat and so is Bandit. It is good that they are happy with each other.