Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The poo story continues...

If you recall, the vet told me yesterday to dip a cotton bud into Lactulose and insert it into Jelly's anus.  I did that, and after awhile, golden light brown poo came out! 

This morning, Jelly poo-ed again, after the first feeding.  I think Jelly has "learnt" how to poo now.  For the second feed, he poo-ed again, and it was the normal yellowish milk-poo typical of newborns. 

However, the other two have still not done their business, so I did the cotton-bud therapy on them as well.  I managed to do it for Peanut, but not Butter.  He screamed and struggled, so I thought it best not to stress him too much.

It's a waiting game now, but at least I know Jelly can poo already. 

All three are very active.

Hours after playing and a good meal, it's time for a snooze, under the watchful eye of Grand-Uncle Bobby (or is he also sleeping soundly?).

Looking for mum....the poor little things.

The story of PBJ is that the mum had gone into a beauty salon to give birth.  After some time, she just stopped coming back.  I asked the vet why this happens and he said it could be due to many reasons:

1.  The smell of the kittens have changed.

2.  The smell of the entire place has changed.

3.  The mother feels threatened due to some reason.

It could be many other reasons, which we would never really know. 

My main concern was, what if the mother came back to look for her kittens, but the vet assured me the kittens have already been abandoned. 

I remember a few years ago, I rescued four kittens found in a box abandoned outside a shop.  They were newborns and their eyes were still closed.  I brought them home and hand-fed them over the weekend.  When the shop opened, I went to ask if the shopkeeper knew anything about the kittens and he said the mother always went to the shop to give birth (many rounds already). 

In fact, he was the one who put the kittens in the box and left them outside so that the mother could nurse them while his shop was closed for the weekend and the public holiday.  And he told me the mother had since been looking for the kittens. 

I quickly rushed home and brought the kittens back.  The moment the mother heard their mewing, she rushed out of the storeroom.  I put the kittens on the floor in a shallow basket and one by one, she sniffed at them, and carried them into the storeroom.  In no time, they were nursing again. 

It was a very happy reunion. 

I went back to visit the family for many days and bought food for the mother.  After 1-2 months, the family disappeared and the shopkeeper has not seen them ever since.  I had wanted to get the mother spayed but that was not to be. 

I was hoping to reunite PBJ with mother, but according to the vet, the mother has really disappeared. 

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Yen Ling said...

PBJ all looks very 'plump' up. typical, baby fat. =)