Monday, March 1, 2010

Teddybear - updates

I slept in the room with Teddybear again last night.  He only woke me up for food once in the night.  But he ate quite a bit. 

This morning, he ate almost one quarter can of ID. 

He seems to be getting better, but still has a LONG way to go.  At times, he looks very down.  Being such a small kitten, I guess any infection would take a toll on him. 

The vet estimates him to be not more than 6 weeks old.  His front teeth has not even grown yet!

Lying on my lap.

He still looks emaciated and his fur looks very unhealthy right now.  Still skin and bones, but a little better than what he was when first brought back to us.  We are already doing everything possible to get him to better health.   

He loves Bandit's computer bag. 

Brother Bandit threw a huge tantrum this morning, and ransacked his litter box completely.  He is still sulking.  He has also stopped playing with Xiao Li, for some reason. 

Xiao Li is a pure darling, and is very concerned about Teddybear.  She follows his every step. 

Please send healing energy to Teddybear.  Being such a young kitten, he can still go down very fast.  He still needs help.


lupie said...

More positive energy to Teddybear .... speedy recovery! Gambateh!

Anonymous said...

Bandit is sulking because Xiao Li is following Teddybear and Bandit is jealous! Poor fella is feeling left out but Teddybear needs Xiao Li at this time. Haha! How sweet the way they have their personalities and inter-personal issues.

Yen Ling said...

oh Bandit! Cheer up fella. =) If you can't beat them, join them.

Teddybear - keep up the positive spirit.

Anonymous said...

Eat, little Teddy, eat all you can to make up for lost health, you have lots of growing to catch up on, little one!

You are now safe and secure in mama KY's arms and a household full of warm love and adoration.

Pretty soon you will romp the whole house. Sulkee will soon sulk no more, but will playfight with you gleefully, both of you will develop good brain and motor skills towards agility!

And as a reward for Mama KY's kindness, the 3 of you (plus Xiao Li cheh-cheh) can try catch a lizard or two as present to perk her up a wee bit because she has been running around so much she must be exhausted and drained. How she gets the energy is a real mystery ....

Get well, boboy Ted!