Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bandit poo-ed!

By this evening, Bandit still had not pee-ed, so I discussed with Wani and we decided it would be best if I took Bandit back for monitoring and if need be, send him to the vet tomorrow to check if his bladder is full and he is holding back his urination. 

As I was driving there, Wani smsed to say I need not worry because Bandit had poo-ed in her room.  It wasn't much, but it was definitely poo.  And Wani said I need not take Bandit back. 

I guess this means Bandit is settling down and the pee would come soon.  Or, as the vet suggested, maybe he did pee, but small amounts and he hides while doing it. 

One step at a time...

I hope Bandit will adjust well soon.

I need to de-stress as well.  I guess I've just been through the nightmarish experience with Bobtail and I just can't take anymore chances with any of the animals who pass through my hands. 

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