Sunday, March 7, 2010

A "green revolution" in my house

No, it's not about being environment-friendly though I wish it were.

It's the green-eyed Bandit and Xiao Li. 

Bandit and Xiao Li gave me a fright yesterday when they both went on a hunger strike and refused to eat.  I was worried sick, and to top it all, Xiao Li suddenly had diarrhoea as well.  To make matters worse, both had just gone for a check-up and had been dewormed on Friday. 

Could the deworming have caused the diarrhoea or the change in appetite? 

Teddybear was the only one who was not dewormed and he was as fit and active as ever. 

I mentioned this to the vet the next day, and he said it was very unlikely that deworming could have such an effect. 

This made me even more worried.  Did Bandit and Xiao Li pick up a bug from the clinic?  I did wait more than an hour with them for my turn.  But then, why is it that Teddybear is fine?  And he's supposed to be the weakest amongst the three for now, having just recovered. 

The whole of yesterday, I had to force-feed the two of them.  Xiao Li was given an antibiotic as well since her diarrhoea was very watery.  My fingers are swollen with bite-marks now because Xiao Li really put up a fight.  She frothed and spat, and vomited all the medicine out.  She refused to eat the wetfood as well, and spat every bit out.  It sure reminded me of Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew".  Why was she so angry? 


Today, both of them migrated out to the backyard and sulked.  They decided they would take over Mac's old house.

Only Bandit took some of the food.  Xiao Li completely refused.

Of course, Teddybear finished it all up later.  And Teddybear wasn't allowed in.  "You're with them, you're not with us!"

Indeed, Teddybear was very friendly to the new kittens. 

I think it's a case of jealousy that the three new kittens have invaded into their territory.  Kitten politics?

Xiao Li later came in and ate ADULT food. 

Oh well, as long as she is eating, that's quite a relief for me. 

I hope there is nothing seriously wrong with them.

But...that is not on, please....the kittens have their own issue as well.



Yen Ling said...

maybe bandit and xiao li doesn't like 'kittens'&'puppy' smell on you? first it was the 3 kitties next was ebony.

xiao li eating adult food seems to show she is grown up now. excuse me, i'm a lady here. =)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is common for deworming to cause a change in stool consistency for many cats for several days.

I always get ready for this because soft/watery poo which contains badly digested food stinks and messes up the place.

After deworming I always put my cats/kittens in the cage to prevent 'accidents' all over the place.

chankahyein said...

Bandit has started eating small amounts again, but Xiao Li is really worrying. I've never encountered changes in stools after deworming so this is quite a surprise, but thank you for the assurance. The trouble is, she is very "angry" (or just feeling sicklish?), and is refusing to eat the ID.

Anonymous said...

KY, your cats are reacting to very small kittens the way many cats do (some are ok, but many are struck down with fear).

We all know how ferocious a nursing mother animal with cubs are and a normally timid female will not hesitate to strike and kill anyone whom she thinks will threaten her young, even to the expense of losing her own life.

Therefore, the presence of a very young animal will strike terror in the hearts of those that are discerning, in anticipation of the appearance of a ferocious female (potential killer) protective of her young.

The presence of a new and strange, older and more independent animal will not strike fear of such a degree.

It would help much if you can take the tiny little ones upstairs and put them in a cage in the corner of one of your rooms.

It is not good/safe for Xiao Li and Bandit to start going outside of your house at such a young age. It is definitely not good for the to get a taste of outside and develop the desire to expand their horizon to early before they are ready.

Good luck and take care ...

chankahyein said...

Hi Anon, Xiao Li and Bandit are not "outside" my house. They are in the backyard, which is walled up and is part of my house. They cannot escape to the road from here. In fact, this backyard is about the safest place in the house for little kittens. Thanks for your suggestions. I guess it boils down to the personality of each kitten. Teddybear has accepted everyone most graciously. He has even gone out to the living room and made friends with the big cats and they seem to like him too. Last night, he slept facing Bunny, his idol!

Anonymous said...

I like Mac's house very much. Think I will make one too. Very good idea for setting up secret and oblivious feeding stations for groups of CNRM-ed strays, stashed in some bushes, without animal-haters knowing our secret.

Very effective to keep huge glass/clay bowls of cat food dry from rain all day and night, and keep away ants by putting the huge bowls sitting on a tray of water.

We can use the re-use the largest of damaged flower pots and cut a u-shaped hole for the cat to enter and exit.

Yipee, thanks for the wonderful idea, KY!