Thursday, March 18, 2010

The PBJ gang eats soft food

I started the PBJ gang on moistened (softened) solid food two days ago, and they are taking it very well.  But my poor fingers are all swollen because I have to hand-feed them as they cannot take up the food on their own yet.  And, their teeth are mighty sharp!

Here are today's photos:

Butter and Jelly have taken over Bandit and Teddybear's favourite computer bag. 

Teddybear takes it upon himself to look after the PBJ gang.

Bandit helps too.  He is licking Butter.

Peanut has explored the length and breadth of the house now.

Saying hello to the alpha, Bunny.

I'm going out to a brave new world...

Peanut likes to follow Teddybear.

Teddybear keeping a close watch on Jelly.

It's too much work...I can't cope with the three of them!

Big sister, Xiao Li, watches from above. 

It must be a colour thing...Jelly loves being with Bobby all the time. 


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Teddy Bear is looking great!