Sunday, March 21, 2010

Visiting Bandit

After my public talk today, I visited Bandit.  It was also to bring Bandit his chicken meat and his litter box. 

Bandit was in his cage when I reached there.  Wani had spent the entire night helping him settle in, but it seems like Bandit is an extremely sensitive kitten, and doesn't take to changes very well.  I never knew he would react so sensitively because he was so confident at home. 

He ate the chicken I brought in his bowl.  That's his blue litter box in his cage.  I'm trying to make everything as familiar as possible so that he can settle in faster. 

The worrying thing is that Bandit has not pee-ed at all.  I know it's a bit dangerous if a cat (or any animal, for that matter) does not pee for more than 24 hours.  He might be holding it back out of fear and stress. 

Joned is trying very hard to be friends.  He's such a nice kitten.  It's Bandit who has to learn to adjust to the new environment. 

Bandit explores the house, and Joned keeps a close watch. 

Later, Joned kept going into Bandit's cage to try to make friends, but Bandit was a bit defensive.  There was a bit of a hissing contest, which I know is normal.

I'm glad he ate the chicken, but I'm worried about the non-urination, so I checked with our panel vet after that.  It seems there is a condition called FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease) which is stress-induced non-urination and it can be fatal in small kittens.  Since it's stress-related, the only thing to do is to remove the stress. 

I've informed Wani and we will monitor until this evening to see if Bandit pees on his own.  I hope he will.

He seemed more confident when I saw him today.  At least he was confident enough to hiss at Joned!  He also felt so much better sitting inside his familar litter box. 

Sometimes we think we are doing our best for these kittens, yet at times, we unwittingly and unintentionally create stress for them because each kitten comes with his/her own personality and would react differently to changes in his/her life. 

Some take changes so well and adjust in no time.  Some take a little longer.  Some don't adjust at all. 

I'll just have to wait and see. 

This is giving me stress! 

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