Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bandit is adopted

I have been communicating by email with Wani Mohd for about a month now.  Wani had written to me earlier asking to adopt Bandit.  And Bandit was supposed to have gone to Wani earlier, but he came down with a blood parasite after his deworming.  Bandit recovered after one day of Doxycycline, but I had to make sure he finished the entire course of his antibiotics. 

Today was Bandit's rehoming, and I've been having mixed feelings for the last few days.  It is always so hard to part, especially when we have been through so much together, and it has been six weeks that Bandit and Xiao Li have been with me.  That's a pretty long time for me.  The bond is formed, and my greatest weakness is in parting with animals.  I feel it is so much easier parting with humans because we can talk and understand what is going on, but with animals, how do you make them understand that they have to go to a new home?  And why?   

The day I brought them back six weeks ago:

So, last night, I started explaining to Bandit that he would be going to a nice new home today.  I doubt if he understood, and that made it even harder for me....

Explaining to Bandit last night...

In the last few days, all six of them (including the PBJs) had just begun to socialise very well, and Bandit and Teddybear had taken the task of looking after the PBJs. 

Bandit with Teddybear and Peanut.

This morning, Bandit had a ball with Xiao Li and Teddybear.  I had brought home a box with some holes in them, and all three of them had a great time playing hide and seek.  As I watched them play, I felt sad that in just a few more hours, I would have to take Bandit away from his friends.  But I knew it was for a greater good, because I cannot adopt them.  A landed linked house is not safe for kittens to grown up in unless they are caged up, and I cannot be caging them up for life.  I also have my 7 adults, and Cow and Bunny (my alphas) have this habit of picking on timid cats and giving them a hard time.

So I can only foster and rehome.  I cannot adopt anymore.  My neighbourhood is also not cat-friendly. 

I watched the hours of the clock tick by and my heart grew very heavy.  Every minute was so precious now, and I spent as much time as I could with Bandit.  I had been crying buckets since last night, and this morning wasn't any better at all.   

Everyone was fast asleep by 12noon.  And, I had to wake them say goodbye. 

I wish I didn't have to wake you up, Bandit, but it's time to go to your new home now...

Saying bye bye to his brother, Teddybear.

Bye, Xiao Li. 

Bye and thank you, Bobby, for letting me stay. 

I had earlier loaded a carrier which I've decided to give Wani into my car, with a pack of Royal Canin Kitten 36 for Bandit, and a large cage which I would lend to Wani in case she needed to confine Bandit for a week or two while she was at work.  I had also prepared my own carrier, and in it, I placed Bandit's towel, his plum blossom flowers (his first toys) and his favourite ball. 

At Wani's apartment.  There's Bandit's plum blossoms and his favourite ball.  I was very glad to see that Bandit took to Wani very well.  I wanted Bandit to have his plum blossoms and his ball so that there would be something familiar for him. 

Wani is definitely very loving and caring towards cats. 

I felt comforted knowing that Bandit will be in very good hands. 

This is Joned, Wani's cat.  Joned is quite friendly, and there was no hissing or any territorial behaviour from him. 

Bandit was very scared, and ran to the kitchen to hide behind the fridge.  We had to pull him out several times.  We finally set up the cage, and put his toys and his food into it, and we got Bandit out from behind the fridge and put him inside the cage. 
I spent more than two hours helping Bandit settle in.  I guess Bandit would need time to adjust to his new home.  I'm glad Wani has two days to help Bandit adjust before she goes back to work on Monday. 

When I came home, Teddybear and Xiao Li were looking for Bandit. 

Both of them miss Bandit, and I'll have to help them adjust as well.  Of course I miss Bandit very, very much.  The three of them (and me) have been through so much together, and they get along so incredibly well.  

But that's life, isn't it?  We can't have things our way, and I cannot go on adopting kittens that pass through me, though I wish I could!  

Parting is such sweet sorrow, as Shakespeare says.  But Wani says I can always visit Bandit.  

I know Bandit is in very good hands and he has a permanent home now.  

Thank you, Wani and Joned, for giving Bandit a loving home.  

Now, I have to find homes for Xiao Li and Teddybear.  Hopefully, someone would be willing to take both of them.  They have grown so attached to each other now.  


kulay kahel said...

wow this is so heartwarming. glad to hear someone is adopting him though..i feel the same sometimes. i wish i could adopt them all but that would be too chaotic for me and the cats. what youre doing is truly amazing. selfless and kind. wish there were more people like you here in singapore. although there are lots of cat advocates here, i heard each day at least 27 cats are culled and killed because of the town council and people who complain about cats..its really sad.

sI tEDI said...

semoga bandot gembira di tempat baru.