Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Why Bunny has to eat baby food for breakfast

It's been happening for more than a week now.

Bunny gobbles up all his food during breakfast and I think it's due to eating too fast that he vomits it all out later and comes asking for food again.

This only happens in the morning at breakfast. It doesn't happen for dinner in the evening or snacks in between.

I was at my wit's end trying to solve the problem until a thought occurred to me.

I will feed him "baby food" in the morning. Maybe it's easier to digest. I noticed he gobbles up his food without chewing as it is vomited whole after that.

It also wasn't a hairball problem as I've given him Laxatone and the vomiting persists.

He just eats too fast. He doesn't chew. Greedy Bunny.

Because Bunny has to go on baby food, everyone else has too. And also because Bunny doesn't like it if others get their regular food and he has to eat baby food (mashed food).

After two whole days of baby food breakfast, I thought I'd try regular food this morning.

No, no, no.....he vomited it out again. And right after that, he'd come asking to be fed again.

I had even resorted to giving him snacks in between meals so that he won't be so hungry during his two main meals. Of course, this includes a late night supper, hoping that he won't be so hungry in the morning.

It hasn't worked....Bunny is still famished every morning.

So, it looks like everyone has to eat baby food with Bunny every morning.

mini-P9010456 mini-P9010457

Having his in-between meal snacks.

And when Bunny eats, of course Cow, Tiger, Indy and Tabs eat as well. Only Pole and Cleo don't snack.

mini-P9010458 mini-P9010459

But I'm still hungry....!!

mini-P9010436 mini-P9010437

Fun in the sun for the Bunny Bun Buns!


Michele Yap said...

Hi Dr Chan,

What does Bunny normally have for breakfast? Kibbles?
My dog have this bad habit of gobbling his food so what we do is feed little by little so that he has to pick each up and chew.
I have to feed him about 8 times at least per meal

That way he won't vomit
Not sure if that way can be applied to Bunny..

chankahyein said...

Hi Michele, Bunny's breakfast (as is everyone else's) is 50% cooked and 50% raw food, not kibbles. I've tried giving Bunny bit by bit, but he also swallows everything whole. The baby food seems to be working. Thanks very much for sharing.

Ho Yuen Foon said...

Recently, I heard Dr Rajban on radio advising a caller not to skip meals but to eat in smaller portions and more frequently. The caller complained of vomiting out everything right after she took a meal after having skipped a meal. The good doctor said there's air in the stomach when one skipped a meal and that could have caused the vomiting. Looks like you have to wake up in the middle of the night to feed Bunny or give him his last meal for the day before midnight. :)

chankahyein said...

That seems to be the case for Bunny....this morning, he had baby food again and so far, it's good. No vomiting. So, the theory about giving cats only two square meals per day may not apply to all cats, after all. Bunny needs snacks in between...frequently. I've been doing this too, but his latest supper for the day is usually at 11pm. That's as late as I can push it already.

Bunny: Yay!! I get snacks!!

The other six: Yay! That means we get snacks too!!

The PatioCats: Us too!!

Yen Ling said...

Jack faces the same issue too. Primal works now because I make it into a paste-like texture. Yes to supper (kibbles), otherwise Jack will vomit bile and eat grass at 4am. Primal as main meal and kibbles as snack.

Wong Yoke Mei said...

My Olie boy does that too... if he laps up his food too quickly, he'll vomit out all of it right after a minute or two. So i had to actually let him eat his food in 2 or 3 stages, depending on how fast he eats. I have to monitor him. Once he has eaten,i will remove the plate and set aside, then i will wait for 5 min, then feed him the 2nd round. He will have a different look on his face if the food hasn't really settle. Once it's settled, he will move around more normal & meows more loudly. Olie in on half home cooked (blended) & raw.