Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ginger's visit

A few times a day, Ginger would sit right outside the grille asking to be let into Bunny's room.

His wish is granted today...

I let Ginger walk into the room by himself today. Cleo charged at him but Ginger stood his ground by standing tall. I know for sure Cleo will not bite, so she's okay.

From the bench, Ginger climbed onto the apartment and sat himself down comfortably on Level 1.


Bunny was napping after one of his small meals. Indy looked.


Ginger also looked.

Now, that's a pretty mean look, isn't it?

After a few minutes, I took him out.

We do not push our, sirree.

1 comment:

freyia said...

Ginger seems to be saying...I'm here to stay. Deal with it. hehehehehe