Sunday, September 21, 2014

Do not mess with the Dame

Heidi is becoming an alpha at the patio.

The other day we saw her defend her box from Mr Zurik and she won.


Two nights ago, she barred Mr Zurik from coming into the house.


Mr Zurik was afraid of Heidi, actually.


Never judge a cat by her size. Heidi won.


Of course Indy was itching to "help".


After so many weeks since Timmy's migration (we still think he's living like a lord in one of the neighbour's houses), Heidi finally decided to take over Timmy's red litter box and condo. So, this is Heidi's condo now. She sleeps in it most of the day.


Sometimes, she prefers the sofa, especially when it rains.


Even the patio is under her control now.


The Carebears blankie too?

Yes, even this. But Ginger is happy to share with everyone.


 And Heidi is one of the biggest eaters at the patio, despite her size.

She has begun to snatch food from the rest after she finishes. So I have to monitor the entire feeding time nowadays. Normally, I only monitor halfway, then I have to get to work. Now, I have to monitor all the way until they finish.


And this explains why Daffodil always comes to the kitchen to ask for extra food after feeding time. Heidi has been snatching her food.

It's free flowing food for the Patiocats whenever we are home because we don't really know what happens outside. Our gauge is: If they come into the kitchen to ask for food, they must be hungry.

Sometimes, Daffodil's family is not really hungry at breakfast, then they must have eaten at the pavilion.

Sometimes, Ginger disappears for hours and comes back late for dinner. And he isn't really hungry. Then perhaps he had gone to Timmy's place and had a party over there!

Ah, the mysterious lives of community cats....there's so much that we don't know about them.

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