Monday, September 1, 2014

Daffodil stamps her mark

As streetwise and "low-key" as she is, Daffodil is beginning to stamp her mark in and outside the house these days.

Following the episode of me trying to apply Path-Away onto her neck bruises resulting in me losing a built-up of trust gradually cultivated through months (maybe even more than 2 years), I think Daffodil tried to convey to me that she has forgiven me.


For two days already, she pulled the Carebears blanket to under the table and sat with me while I did my sewing.


I'm the new sewing cat.


And since Daffodil had stamped her mark, her children kept their distance.

And another thing is that, whenever Ginger comes back late for dinner (from the roof), Daffodil whacks him on the head and presses him down to reprimand him.

But Ginger doesn't quite get it, so Daffodil had to physically stop him from going to the roof.

Two days ago, we saw Ginger at the Canopy Cafe, reading to jump up to the roof when suddenly, Daffodil dashed forward from the porch and whacked Ginger. That prevented Ginger from going to the roof. And Daffodil jumped up and sat on the pillar so that Ginger could not jump up anymore.


Just now, she did the same again. She even chased Ginger off Canopy Cafe.


Nobody goes to the roof!!


She goes to check out the roof...

So, do not mess with a senior matriarch who has 10 years' street experience. She is a force to be reckoned with.

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