Monday, September 15, 2014

Bunny's stories

Bunny's frequent vomiting had got me quite worried. But before taking him to the vet, which I figured would warrant doing blood tests since we cannot see anything clinically wrong with him, I thought I'd try giving him probiotics first.


He also didn't seem too well so he's been on Vetri DMG and Transfer Factor. Indy has been keeping watch on Bunny too.


So I got this.


There was no problem feeding Bunny since he loves the taste.


After giving him a dose, the next morning, he really perked up.

He seemed much more cheerful and had good appetite again.  The vomiting decreased, and after two days being on the probiotics, all has been well and I think the probiotics is really helping.

A sign that Bunny feels well is when he starts bullying again...


Today, Bunny bullied Tiger by screaming into Tiger's face. Indy was there too, trying to help Tiger.

But I figured it's safer for Tiger to come out since Bunny was on a bullying spree.

mini-P9140467 mini-P9140475

And Tabs wanted to be out as well.

mini-P9140477 the buns

I hope it was just a tummy upset and the probiotics will do the job.


Chen said...

Like the snacks, did all the other kitties get a round of the pro-biotics too?

chankahyein said...

Nope, only Bunny. I decided to leave well enough alone.