Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Vincent went missing...and returns from the roof!

This morning, breakfast was a little later than usual, being a public holiday.

Vincent wasn't at breakfast.

Usually, he is almost always waiting at the patio with Daffodil, Heidi and Zurik while Ginger and Rosie will already be in the kitchen as both of them can scale the window netting and climb right in. And even if Vincent is not already at the patio, he will always come running from the playground.

But this morning, there was no sign of Vincent at all.

I went to the gate to call him and half-expected to see him come running from the playground, but no, Vincent wasn't there.

I got a little worried but I remember hearing the usual Vincent-Zurik war cries in the wee hours of the morning when it was still dark. This means Vincent was here this morning.

So I went out to the playground and walked up and down the road to look for him, shouting out his name.

Nope, no Vincent.

Oh no, has his previous owner taken him back? Perhaps so, I consoled myself. We suspect Vincent was left behind by his owner when his family moved but that was at least two years ago.

After about 45 minutes of searching, with Daffodil, Ginger and Rosie helping and Heidi following me, I finally spotted Vincent!

He was nonchalantly watching me from the neighbour's roof!

Vincent!! Come home, quick!!


He came home and I gave him his breakfast.

Daffodil came back too.


Followed by Ginger and Rosie.


But Heidi thought she was queen of the road...


I had to carry her back, with her struggling to go free.

mini-P9010450 mini-P9010451 mini-P9010452 mini-P9010453 mini-P9010454 mini-P9010455

 Don't go to the roof again, Vincent.

Breakfast will be on time from now onwards.

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