Friday, September 26, 2014

Bunny's blood test results

The long-awaited blood test results finally came this afternoon and it's all clear for Bunny!

What a relief!

Bunny's kidney and liver readings are all normal and from this, it is most probably not pancreatitis.

Yesterday had been a long day for all of us. Bunny could only be fed small meals and by night time, he had understood that he could only eat in the kitchen. This morning, he had his three spoonfuls in the kitchen and when the rest had their pantry breakfast, Bunny didn't even join them. He went to play by himself at the Clubhouse. That was quite sad, actually. Normally, Bunny is a very happy and confident cat.


This morning, after breakfast.

But by afternoon, he began to perk up. It must be the medicines kicking in to help. He appeared much happier and started asking for food more frequently.


Food, please? 


Okay, another small meal in the kitchen then.


Food, please?

But you just ate half an hour ago, Bunny....


But the vet said to feed me, and I quote, "many times throughout the day", remember?

Bunny asking for food is always a good sign! He is also much more confident today.

There has been no vomiting today - and that's really good. The sporadic vomiting had been going on for about two weeks, and I think the last three days had seen the worst of whatever that was afflicting Bunny. It was probably an infection in the gut or gastritis. Whatever it was, the medicines seem to be helping or maybe the deworming helped too.

We'll never quite know what it is, but as long as Bunny is feeling better, that's really good.

The vet said to keep giving him small meals for a week, and slowly increase the amount back to normal.

I even gave Bunny his two brands of wet food today in small amounts and there was no vomiting.

Thank you, everyone, for sending positive vibes to Bunny!

Bunny says "thank you" too!

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Chen said...

Keep up the good work, Bunny Bun Buns!