Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bunny's secret small meals

I figured one way to give Bunny his small meals is to take him out and feed him in the kitchen. Hopefully, the rest won't know and won't ask for food too.

Poor Bunny vomited again after dinner this evening, so I have to give him small meals for the rest of the evening.


Here's his one Primal nugget meal.

I noticed that if the food is wet, his tendency to vomit is greater, so it looks like I have to give him dry meals. Maybe when it's dry, the volume is smaller. Bunny is okay with kibbles and Primal nuggets.

The rest of the inside cats don't know about this "secret meal" arrangement, so shh...



...Rosie knows.


Ginger too.


And if Rosie and Ginger know, of course Daffodil would know too.

So, the family gets a treat in the kitchen along with Bunny.


You cannot say "no" to this face, can you?


And WHO says we don't know?

Of course they know, a cat's sense of smell is 400 times sharper than that of a human's.


I don't know what's going on here.


 So yes, everyone knows Bunny has secret meals in the kitchen.

So, that's not going to work...hmm.


Chen said...

You need a see-proof, smell-proof and hear-proof (and probably think-proof) room to dish out secret meals!

Kelly said...

If that doesn't work , you just have to forget that you have given Bunny the secret meal. Then you can show your innocent face (after conveniently delete the memory, of course ) to them as what they did too usually - they conveniently forgot that they have taken meal !! hihihi. shuuuu

Akmar said...

Last pic caption..

Cow: have kantoi..beeeg taim..

He he he :D