Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ginger's supervised visits

Ginger's wishes were fulfilled a few times this week when he was allowed to have supervised (more like guarded) visits to Bunny's room.

mini-P9090458 mini-P9090459

Cow looked, but decided he'll let Ginger be.


Ginger wants so desperately to get in, and Tabs wants so desperately to get out.

Guess even for cats, the grass is greener on the other side.

Tabs still does her lightning escapes every day, whenever she can.


Let sleeping Cows lie...but don't take them lightly, though. If Cows want to attack, they can do it faster than in a blink of an eye.


Cleo threatened Ginger, though. But it wasn't violent. She came from behind (under my watchful eye), jumped onto the bench and pounced next to Ginger then jumped off. It was more of a "warning" than an "attack" per se. Ginger did not even flinch.


When the Cows are outside in the pantry, I close the door and window and Ginger gets to roam a bit.


Ginger thinks it's heavenly to be able to come into the room.

The forbidden fruit is always sweeter, isn't it?

mini-P9040445 mini-P9040446

 You're better off and much safer just supervising the sewing, Ginger.

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