Thursday, September 25, 2014

"I want attention too!"

With Bunny getting all the special attention and privileges, the rest want the same too....


Despite her classic calico aloofness, Cleo is a super attention seeker.

mini-P9240465 mini-P9240466

 This bench is Cleo's territory whenever I am sitting on it. If I sit on the bench, Cleo must come onto it too. It's an unwritten rule.


Rain or shine, Tabs sits on my lap whenever I am at the computer. This is Tabs' territory.

Cleo sits ON my laptop whenever it's closed. If I'm using it, she sits behind the laptop.


Cow has been seeking attention as well. Whether coincidental or otherwise, he vomited a bit of his breakfast yesterday and came to ask for the probiotics. I gave him some and he was happy. That was just an isolated episode.

mini-P9240463Ever since coming back from the vet's, with the anti-gastric and antibiotic injection, Bunny has had 5 small meals and he has not vomited.

Bunny seems to understand that he is supposed to take small meals in the kitchen. It's just 3 spoonfuls of wet food and he's happy. He knows he's going to get a small meal every 1-2 hours. At the vet's today, Bunny weighed 6.38kg, so there's been no weight loss at all. A slight gain, actually.

We're all keeping our fingers, toes and claws crossed that Bunny will get well soon.

Thank you for rooting for Bunny, too!


Joy E. Saga said...

Cow is so cute... asking for probiotics :)

Aznita said...

Yeah...didn't realise Cow could be so manja.

Yen Ling said...

Cow: Eh? I also vomit and get some extra goodies ;p

azrael said...

Cow and Tabs so very manja until I melt!