Friday, September 5, 2014

A little past history about Daffodil

Those who have been following this blog would remember that as young-looking and tiny as she is, Daffodil has been a community cat in this neighbourhood for at least 13 years now.

This evening, I went for a walk and met the lady who used to feed Daffodil before we moved in here. She had been feeding Daffodil for 10 years at the park. I just wanted to verify, out of interest, if Daffodil is really 13 years old.

So, yes, she is.

And here's a little past history about Daffodil. Her mother is also a calico, and she and her kittens were fed by one of the neighbours here until one day, another neighbour called the council and Daffodil's mother and all her siblings were captured. Only Daffodil managed to escape by hiding. And she was the only kitten left from her family.

She was just a little kitten then.

Sobs...that's so sad, isn't it?

But that's in the past. Maybe that experience was so traumatic that until today, Daffodil finds it hard to trust any human. Look into Daffodil's eyes - they are all-knowing. They speak to you.

That's 13 years ago.

As sad as it sounds, let's not live in the past, but know it, and be wiser about it.

Don't make the neighbours angry. Our community animals are, as much as I hate to say it, at their mercy, because we are not here to protect them all the time.

What can we do to prevent community animals from being captured?

It's a difficult question, but here are the facts.

The laws aren't animal-friendly. That just about says it all.

Some people too, aren't animal friendly (these would be the humans who think animals do not deserve a place on earth), so they complain about the existence of community animals to the authorities. The authorities have to act according to the laws and bye-laws. So, the capturing is done, in accordance with the law.

Even if people do not complain, the law allows the authorities to capture street animals.

The law is such.

Who makes the laws?

In the final analysis, animals don't get to vote. Animal lovers get to vote, but our voice is too small because we are a minority.

That about says it all, doesn't it?

That's the reality and we plod on, protecting as many animals as we can, in our own little community.

Little by little, the water jug is filled.

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