Friday, September 26, 2014

Our masked vigilante, our hero!

This evening, there was bullying in the Clubhouse. I heard cat screaming and when I rushed out, I saw Pole hiding behind the little scratching bench and Cow intimidating her.

I went over to stop the escalating condition and carried Pole back to her condo.

Then, I went back to the room but before I knew it, Indy was doing his war-cries. I left him alone thinking he was scolding someone at the Stargate, which happens quite often. But the war-cries did not stop.

So, I went out again and this time, saw Indy scolding Cow. The elder cat (Cow) was crouching, quite intimidated by the brave, younger vigilante.

I knew what was happening - Indy was scolding Cow for intimidating Pole.

Our masked vigilante was ensuring justice was being done! That's his job - defending the weak.

So I praised Indy for doing what's right and called him back. He came back running.


The brave vigilante and the damsel in distress.


The vanquished.


Our hero for today, posing for a quick photograph...

And he's off again...

mini-P9250463A vigilante never rests.

Who has been here? What's that smell?

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