Friday, September 5, 2014

Ginger's day trip

Ginger was standing in front of the grille again this afternoon. Poor boy....he wants SO desperately much to come in. And this is despite being pounced on and bitten by Cow a long time ago. It happened so fast, the poor boy probably didn't know what hit him.

Well, since (lucky, lucky!) Cow, Bunny, Indy and Cleo happened to be sleeping at the pantry, I stealthily tiptoed to the back door, quickly closed it (with security latch, yes) and equally stealthily and quietly closed the sliding windows as well (also latched) and...


Yay!! Ginger is in!!


Tiger: Hello, hello, my friend. Welcome to our home!


Pole was sitting in her basket at her apartment and was quite surprised.


What are you doing in here? Lost your way or something?


Ginger wanted to explore the apartment, of all places.


Tabs: I dub thee, Sir Ginger, for thy courageous act. Rise, Sir Ginger!


The newly knighted Sir Ginger continues exploring the, er... apartment.

mini-P9040444 mini-P9040445

He decided he likes to be on the same level as Pole.


Pole appears to be quite unhappy with this intrusion.


Chill, Pole. He's no threat at all.


Ginger finally came down and took a nap on the mat.

But wait, Pole seems to be communicating with someone at the pantry....

Receiving instructions?



Hard to believe what actually happened, but Pole then went under the bench (where she is shielded) and launched a growling war on Ginger. Pole was growling, which I've never quite heard before, in her 8 years. And she was getting fiercer, so I figured it's time to take Ginger out. Knighted though he may be, when it comes to the Cows, one had better play it safe.

So, Ginger went back out, after a happy trip inside.

Then, it thundered and all the cats wanted to come inside, so the timing was just right.


 And that's girl-soldier, Pole (who had single-handedly battled with the gingerly intruder), under the sheets and Bunny on his security mat during the rain.

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