Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bunny's eating problem

Bunny is still having his vomiting problem.

I've been trying all kinds of ways to prevent the vomiting. First, I thought it was the wet food, so I stopped giving him that and change to another brand. But after a few days of no vomiting, he began to vomit out the new wet food as well.

He would vomit out his main meals, and usually, it's breakfast. Sometimes, dinner too. And this usually happens about one-and-a-half hours after eating. It's undigested food.

But immediately after vomiting, he would ask for food again and this would be kibbles, and he'll eat up heartily. He is able to retain these small amounts.

So, it's not an appetite problem at all, but more of an intolerance of certain foods, or I think, certain amounts of food.

I discussed his case with the vet and the vet suggested giving him small amounts of food many times throughout the day.

Well, Bunny agrees to that, of course, so that's what he has been getting - small amounts, many times a day.

Of course, the rest get some too.

If Bunny cat eat, why can't we too?

We thought a diversion might do him some good too, so he got a trip out to the garden today.

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Tabs and Tiger were out too.


Cow got his turn after Bunny's.

Today has been a no-vomiting day for Bunny since breakfast (kibbles with gravy from wet food). He's been getting many, many small meals throughout the day (all kibbles) and he was able to retain it all. Then, at dinner time, he kept asking for more food, so I replenished his bowl and this was a mistake. After one-and-a-half hours, he vomited everything out again.


Then, he asked for food again, so he's getting his small meals again now. And he'll be asking for food throughout until tonight.

He's also on probiotics, but I think his problem is that he cannot eat too much at one go.

So, small meals it is, for Bunny.

Other than the eating problem, Bunny is active and has good appetite.


Chen said...

Bunny does look healthy and energetic! Have you seen him nibble on any plant that he should not? Does he poo nice long round turds? One tip I found is to spread the food around a large platter to make him eat slower.

chankahyein said...

Plant-nibbling - no. Poo looks nice and normal. Spread food over large platter - good idea!