Friday, June 13, 2014

The knights of Catelot!

Jasmine shares this photo:

cat family eating dinner

And the Knights (Cats!) of the Round Table immediately come to mind!

I solemnly swear to be a good knight of the Round Table of Catelot and to never use violence without purpose, never to fall to murder or treason. I swear on my honor to give mercy when asked and to protect the innocents and to enforce their rights. And I promise to never fight in any unjust cause or to fight for personal gain. This oath I take upon my knighthood in the Round Table of Catelot.
Chivalric Code of the Knights of Catelot 

And I cannot even get my 7 inside cats to eat in the straight line!!


Nui said...

Dear Sis Chan,

Who's cats? They are very discipline and impressive.

Thanks for sharing!!
Sukhi Hotu!

chankahyein said...

I think it's a picture from the internet.