Thursday, June 5, 2014

Our patio is under attack by Mr Zurik's one-man mob squad

Mr Zurik has been chasing Rosie lately, and a few days ago, he started chasing Daffodil as well.

Last night, we heard Rosie squealing at the porch and when I went out to check, Rosie was nowhere to be seen. Mr Zurik was outside the gate. It was dark, and we couldn't find Rosie.

Then Mr Zurik came into the patio and tried to chase Daffodil.

Ginger saw what was happening and confronted Mr Zurik. Fur flew and I had to break up the fight. It wasn't a terribly violent fight, luckily, only fur flew and two cats got up on their hind legs. Still, it was scary enough.

Ginger would not have been able to win any fight with the mobster.

This morning, Rosie was not at the patio to wait for breakfast. Mr Zurik was there, though.

As I prepared breakfast, I asked my husband to go look for Rosie. He went out but could not find Rosie anywhere.


Heidi saved the day.

It was Heidi who led my husband down the road to where Rosie was. She was hiding two houses away and didn't dare come back. So my husband had to chase Mr Zurik back to his territory (up the road) before he could carry Rosie back. The poor girl was so frightened.

But Heidi wasn't frightened, though.


So all six of them had breakfast peacefully (without Mr Zurik).


Rosie walked away after breakfast.


Ginger was on the lookout for the mobster.


Rosie was in the porch but looked scared.

The thing with Mr Zurik is that he cannot take "no" for answer and he comes back, swiftly, like a boomerang...literally.

You could chase him out with the water-gun and the moment you go back to the patio and turn around, he would be right there. Sometimes, even faster than you!



He runs when he sees my husband...


But he doesn't go far. He just hides in the drain.

That's his shrews' headquarters.


Vincent keeps watch.


...with brave Heidi.


Ginger is protecting his family too.

Brave boy, Ginger!


Rosie is still very scared.

She squeals whenever Mr Zurik chases her.


Daffodil is under the car, hiding too.

We're under attack by the mobster...sobs!


I thought Timmy would be guarding the food arsenal, but no, he's at the frontlines too...under another car.

But despite all the levels of defense, when I went back into the house, Mr Zurik had already gone into the house!

HOW did he get past everyone??

Like a boomerang, you can chase him out and he will appear again within seconds.


Our heroine for the morning.

This afternoon, when I returned from work, there was Zurik-trouble again.

Rosie was nowhere to be seen.

Mr Zurik was making trouble again. It's bad enough that he fights with Vincent a few times a day without fail, now he is terrorising Rosie and Daffodil. Unlike Mr Quack, Mr Zurik is neutered. This goes to show that neutering may not remove a cat's territorial nature.

In other words, once a mobster, always a mobster....if the opportunity arises. Maybe like Mr Quack, Mr Zurik needs a change of environment or a fiercer owner. He is afraid of my husband....

All cats bully me....sobs.

So since I came back until now, Mr Zurik has fought with Vincent (the noise-making type of fight), Daffodil is hiding under the car, Vincent has gone to hide in the neighbour's porch and only Timmy and Ginger are around.

He growled at Ginger just now, and when I shoo-ed him out, he growled at Timmy too. Timmy hissed back. Bravo, Timmy!


And I've chased him out no less than six times, but he boomerangs back.

mini-P6051016 mini-P6051017

He even slept on Ginger's Carebears blankie...


If he wants to make amends, then be good and stop bullying others, but no, he wanted to fight with Ginger and Timmy.

I tried to stop him from fighting with Ginger by throwing a towel over him, but he almost bit me. Guess the water-gun is safer but he is not afraid of water. Only of garbage enzyme, so I have to water-gun him with garbage enzyme.

What am I going to do with Mr Zurik?

Please share, if you have suggestions.

It isn't fair that Rosie has been chased out because Rosie is our first patiocat and she was the one who brought everyone else here. It's sad that she is so afraid and has been ousted by the mobster.


Susan said...

hm.. maybe he wants more of your attentions lol.

Peggy Quah said...

My hubby punishes fighting ones x food for one meal with much scolding n detention, and they understand n will cool down after released. : )