Thursday, June 26, 2014

We are waiting for Timmy to come home...

It's past midnight now. I don't know how many times I have gone out to search for Timmy and how many times I have looked out at the patio chairs hoping to see Timmy sitting there...


But the patio chair remains empty each time I looked.

Timmy doesn't go anywhere. He is not adventurous. He seldom even leaves the house compound.

It is so mysterious that he has disappeared into thin air. Even more mysterious that he hasn't turned up for his dinner.

mini-P6260072 mini-P6260073 mini-P6260065

Daffodil and Rosie are sitting on the pillars while Ginger has been accompanying me as I searched for Timmy.

mini-P6260068 mini-P6260069

Vincent sits right in front of the gate.

Everyone is always within the house compound every night. Mr Zurik goes home, of course.

It was just last night that I took the photos below, of everyone playing hide-and-seek in the porch. I hadn't even had time to blog them and now Timmy is missing.

These were last night's photos:

mini-P6240055 mini-P6240056 mini-P6240057 mini-P6240062

Heidi was playing hide-and-seek with...




 Sigh...where are you, Timmy?

Will you be back for breakfast tomorrow morning?

I hope so, Timmy. Please come home soon.

And please be safe, wherever you are now.


jasmine ong said...

Timmy boy, please come home soon. Mummy and all at home are so worried about you. Wherever you are, may you be well and safe. Sending loving thoughts and prayers to you. Do come home soon...

Norely Abd Rahman said...

Dr. Chan, my heart goes out to you right now. My own Mew went missing for almost 8 days. Every day that she was not home was a heart ache for me. Hang in there! Just like you, I hope that Timmy will come back safe and sound.