Thursday, June 26, 2014

Timmy is still missing

It's 8.53pm now. We have searched as far and wide as we could, but there is still no sign of Timmy.

I have sent out an email alert to the neighbourhood, pasted posters at the guardhouse and alerted the patrol guard.

All the PatioCats are back except Timmy. I raised the alarm because Timmy never misses a meal. Ginger and Rosie might, Mr Zurik might not turn up occasionally, but Timmy will never miss a meal and he is always in our porch. He doesn't even wander out at all unless to occasionally watch the birds at his Tardis.

I have also sent Timmy's photo to PAWS and SPCA, in case someone surrenders him there, but the thing is, Timmy is very hard to catch. Even we have difficulty catching him. We have also checked at the local pound this afternoon. No Timmy.

It is very mysterious how Timmy could just disappear into thin air.

I hope Timmy is safe and will return soon.


Chen said...

Oh no! Timmy come back. Promise we shall not call you funny names in the future if you go home quickly.

Joyce said...

Hi Kah Yein,

Hope you find him soon. Check with your neighbours again, he might have wandered off into one of your neighbours house, got spooked and hid in the laundry room or somewhere in the house. This is what happened to one of our house cat, we thought she wandered off and got lost, put up poster etc, the next morning we heard meow sound coming from our neighbour's window below, and when we checked we saw our cat trying to get out from the laundry room window. What happened was, she wandered from our apt when the door was opened, wandered into our neighbour's apt one floor below(her door was opened) and when she heard some noise in the apt, she got spooked, must have ran into the laundry room, hid all day and the next morning when she heard my husband rattling the food container (our way of calling our house cats)she meowed to let us know that she was trapped in the laundry room. She is also very difficult to catch and is very weary of strangers. So I hope the same has happened to Timmy and that you will find him soon!

Sending prayers your way!


chankahyein said...

Thank you, Joyce. I have already checked with my neighbours. They have not seen him at all.

Norely Abd Rahman said...

I pray that Timmy will come back soon safe & sound. Please come back Timmy!