Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ginger overslept again....gets new treat in town!

Ever since the last few times when Ginger went "missing", I've learnt not to get overly anxious when he misses dinner at 3.30pm. In every one of such episodes, he would come back from his rooftop plaza (where we think he has a den which is super comfortable for afternoon naps). The only time he really overslept badly was the time he came back at midnight. That time, I had run into panic mode, enlisted the help of a psychic and Mum-Daffodil was also sitting on the rooftop refusing the come down. That was a heart attack episode.

Nowadays, I look at Daffodil's demeanour. If she's cool, I will not go into panic mode.

But today, Ginger missed dinner again and it was already 6pm.

I was about to run into panic mode when...




He is back from his rooftop plaza!!

mini-20140618_175052 mini-20140618_175232

A late Monge dinner...and Timmy is near, hoping for left-overs.

There is a new cat treat in town and I was given some samples to try.

mini-20140618_175318 mini-20140618_175352

Poor rabbit....(I know).

But then again, cats are carnivores and they need meat. And since we are on this subject, there is also catfood that has beaver in it and I was told it's free-range beaver (for population control). I suppose it is the lesser of the two evils - free-range meat vs. factory-farmed meat.

mini-20140618_175327 mini-20140618_175334 mini-20140618_175343 mini-20140618_175447

Ginger and Daffodil ate it, but not Timmy!

Timmy didn't eat it?

Yes, Timmy didn't eat it!!

Maybe Timmy is kind to rabbits?


It is raw freeze-dried nuggets.

Sorry, photos blurry, taken with phone.


The queen of raw food, Cleo, downed three nuggets.

She loved it.

mini-20140618_175728 mini-20140618_175734

Everyone ate, including Tabs. Only Tiger wasn't sure if he should eat it and looked at me for approval first.

I don't know if he finally ate it. Maybe not. Tiger "thinks" he is vegetarian. But worry not, please, Tiger eats catfood, not vegetables. The "vegetarian" part is a joke, if you've been following Tiger's tales since he was young. He's a compassionate cat. When young, he only ate kibbles and fish. He didn't want chicken. So we used to call him a "vegetarian".

Tiger is our Mandela cat! A very kind and peace-loving cat. Doesn't fight, doesn't fight back...

mini-P6180038 mini-P6180037

 Yum, snack!!


irene said...

hi :) may i know where to get these samples (esp chicken n liver) or buy them in smaller pack? i want to introduce my boys to new food since they are already bored with natural balance and they wont eat anything with the choices are pretty limited..sighh..lemme know.. TQ

chankahyein said...

A friend brought it back from overseas. I don't know if it's available here. Try Primal freeze-dried. It's also raw food, and is similar to these treats.

irene said...

owhhh..primal only comes with big pack tho :(

chankahyein said...

Primal has small packs too.