Friday, June 6, 2014

Zurik out on bail; Rosie returns with confidence

Because of reasonably good behaviour, Mr Zurik was released on bail yesterday after dinner, but he has to report back to the Department of Corrections twice a day (at meal times - oh, how convenient!).

So, as usual, no matter how many times I send him on his way home ("home" refers to up the road), he comes back like a boomerang.


Last night, everyone raised the alarm.

Mr Zurik was back.

Whenever he is near, Timmy will start whining. I think Timmy is saying: Please, please, please, we are a peaceful cat community here. Please go away. 

When Zurik meets Vincent, there is always noisy aggression and Timmy gets quite upset with the sheer stupidity of it.


Wanna fight, anyone? 


Let me out!

I just need 3 seconds to settle him once and for all, and he'll be a pussy after that. 

Just let me out!!

Yes, Indy cannot stand it either.

This morning, Ginger came upstairs to wake me was really cute. Ginger dare not go upstairs unless there is a really good reason. So this morning, I heard Ginger's cute wake-up call. He was standing outside the bedroom door and didn't dare go any further. He just did his "auo, auo, auo..." which is exactly the sound that Daffodil makes too.

We came down and found that Rosie had also come back for breakfast!

Maybe Ginger was trying to tell me that Rosie was back.


Oh yay! Rosie is back on her own!!


Breakfast at the patio.

Of course Mr Zurik was here waiting with the rest. I carried him into the cage. He has to get used to these short detention sessions from now on.

He is going to eat in the cage and nowhere else so that he is on the same "level" as everyone else. Hopefully, this theory works and it will stop his bullying nature.

Vertical territory: of Juliana's sharing - thank you!)

Of course this theory does not work in Bunny's Place. Cow, Bunny, Tiger and Indy eat on the floor (the lowest level). Tabs eats on the wooden table. Pole and Cleo eat on the pantry slab (the highest). Sometimes Bunny joins them up there.

But maybe it does as in, the fact that Pole and Cleo eat on a higher level gives them confidence and hence, they are not afraid of the titans. In fact, Cleo is not afraid of anyone and even whacks Cow. Pole too whacks Cow and Bunny.


No theory works to explain Indy's behaviour, of course. Indy is mad. He has no rules.


Rosie seems okay today. Not overly scared and not looking over her shoulder like the two days before this.


So, just as Timmy has to sit in his red litter box...


...Mr Zurik has to sit in his cardboard box now (this has been replaced as he tore up yesterday's box).


See some of the cardboard remnants on the floor?


Rosie, after breakfast, in the porch.


Timmy is let out, but not Mr Zurik...yet. Not yet.

mini-P6061035 mini-P6061036

He is finally released...on bail.

Who posted bail?

The shrews, of course!


He growls at Vincent on the way out and Vincent stands tall, ready to defend himself.

Stop it, you two! Is this necessary?!!


I put a stop to all the silliness.


And I told Mr Zurik to go home.

Rosie was still in the porch grooming herself.


Go home, Mr Zurik. You may report back at dinner time.


Later, when I went out, I saw him sitting under the neighbour's car. When he saw me, he wanted to come back again.

And when I finally got back home...





Mr Igor was the one who posted bail.


 Oh well, since I'm here, I'll dig for some food, if you don't mind. have a nice garden, you know. Lots of hidden food in it. 

Indy on shrewNo, I don't take on shrews. 

Give me someone my own size.

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