Sunday, June 15, 2014

Another Stripey Blue with my able assistants

PF and her cats loved the Stripey Blue blanket which served as a cover for their sofa set, so she asked if we could do another smaller piece for her ottoman. It so happened I still have the same type of cloth, so we set to work today - yes, the cats and me.

mini-P6140013 mini-P6140012

Daffodil was my trusty assistant and companion for today.

Ginger was at his rooftop den all afternoon.


Rosie came to help too.


Now to cut the backing cloth.




Merrily we roll along, 
Roll along, roll along...

mini-P6140023 mini-P6140025 mini-P6140026

Sewing is made so much more fun when the cats help!


We're done.

Thank you, PF, for your generous donation to our Fund!

stripey 2

I hope this piece matches the earlier one...

kitty on sofa

mini-P6140038Now, starting on another teddy blanket...

My weekends are spent sewing these days. It's a really fun hobby, made so much more meaningful because it generates funds for the animals. The plus points are: (1) It keeps my mind active, figuring out designs and how to optimise the use of cloth so that nothing is wasted. (2) I can put simple mathematics to good use, after all, Mathematics is the Science of Patterns (3) My eyesight has got so much better even since I started sewing - am not hallucinating, it's true. I figured it's because when the heart (or mind) is happy doing something, the body responds by "helping" (in this case, sharpening my eyesight so that I can sew!). (4) I probably won't need to wear spectacles so soon....hopefully!


jasmine ong said...

All photos so lovely. Tabs is sooo cute with her stretches and wide-eyed wonder look. So happy playing with (and helping) you ♡ ♡♡

Chen said...

Tabs wants to me a sewing cat too, maybe? Ginger knows that you are reproducing a pattern that he had designed and given the nod, so he decided to take a holiday.