Thursday, June 26, 2014

Maybe Timmy has "balik kampung"?

It seems probable now that since Timmy's disappearance was exactly in the same way as Willy's, it's possible that Timmy actually has a home but seldom goes home. In that case, Timmy has an owner and now the owner has taken him to "balik kampung" for "buka puasa".

Bunny and Tiger used to chill out at my neighbour's house in our old neighbourhood, especially during those days when I was fostering kittens in and out. They didn't like the crowd at home, so the two of them spent hours in the neighbour's house - they were friends with her cats and she fed them too. Tiger used to spend the entire afternoon there but would return for meals.

So, maybe that's how Timmy treated our house as well - a good place to chill out in (patio with a fan, a spacious porch, good food) and maybe that's why he is so big? He eats at our house, and he eats again at home. I know I don't overfeed Timmy so how did he become so big? He has four meals a day?

Makes sense, doesn't it?

In any case, with this new possibility, I've stopped crying already. I've already done everything I can to locate Timmy, there is nothing more I can do now except to hope the above theory is right and that Timmy is safe. In any case, the psychics' "visions" are comforting - Timmy is alright.

dinner for 5

Early dinner for five as we are going to set up our booth at Pet World soon.

Mr Zurik will come later.

But I sure miss the sound of the grille of the side door crashing - it always means Timmy has come in. He's so big and clumsy, he always crashes through the grille.

Now, all is quiet.



Chen said...

Wherever Timmy is right now - many happy wishes to him. He is such a funny loveable fella that suddenly it feels like there is a hole in your cat stories.

Wong Yoke Mei said...

i think this theory sounds probably... maybe these few days he's getting something even more yummy from somewhere else....being a great food lover, he is enjoying it.... he'll return soon..... :)

joyce said...

You will see him again one day! Before you know it, you will hear the sound of the grille door and Timmy walking into your patio.

marina said...

Timmy, please come back...

Shaidatul said...

I hope I won't miss seeing Timmy's photos doing the happy dance too long.